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Pharmaceutical products that incorporate sugars and glycochemicals have tremendous therapeutic potential. In the past rare and modified glycochemical building blocks have been  difficult to synthesize or prohibitively expensive to source. The proprietary zuCarb™ technology platform allows us to affordably provide rare sugars, sugar phosphates and activated sugars. In addition to those listed in our current catalog we can often produce custom sugars of interest unique to your project.



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Oligosaccharides are key components involved in many cellular processes and also serve as attachment sites for bacteria and viruses for entry into the cell. Both natural and synthetic oligosaccharides have potential therapeutic applications. The zuCarb™ technology platform allows us to produce a wide variety of oligosaccharides that have previously been difficult or impossible to obtain using traditional chemistry.   Contact us for your custom needs.

Applications include:

- Therapeutic and Research Oligosaccharides

- Human Milk Oligosaccharides

- Antiinfective and Anticancer applications

- Many others

The New Home of

zuCarb™ Research Carbohydrates & Intermediates

Our range of rare sugars include:

- Rare/L-sugars

- Phosphorylated sugars

- Nucleosides and Activated sugars 

        (GDP, UDP, TDP-sugars/deoxysugars)

- Many more available through custom synthesis

Now Offering ThermoCat™ Stable Biocatalysts 

for Chemical Synthesis!

ThermoCat™ stable biocatalysts are designed specifically for use in biocatalysts applications.  The enzymes are extremely stable, long lasting, work on a broad range of substrates, and useful in many different types of biotransformation reactions.  The Midwest Bioprocessing Center currently sells ThermoCat™ esterases for chiral chemistry applications. Contact us below for more info, pricing, and ordering information! 

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